[Logcheck-devel] Bug#377139: new violations.ignore.d/logcheck-ssh contains postfix ignore patterns

Elmar Hoffmann elho at elho.net
Thu Jul 6 23:27:36 UTC 2006

Package: logcheck-database
Version: 1.2.45
Severity: normal

The updated violations.ignore.d/logcheck-ssh now also contains 2
postfix rules which apparently slipped in there accidentally:

# grep postfix /etc/logcheck/violations.ignore.d/logcheck-ssh
^\w{3} [ :[:digit:]]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ postfix/smtpd\[[[:digit:]]+\]: warning: [-._[:alnum:]]+\[[.[:digit:]]+\]: SASL (LOGIN|PLAIN|(DIGEST|CRAM)-MD5|APOP) authentication failed$
^\w{3} [ :[:digit:]]{11} [._[:alnum:]-]+ postfix/smtpd\[[[:digit:]]+\]: warning: SASL authentication failure: Password verification failed$



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