[PKG-OpenRC-Debian] dependency loop solver

heroxbd at gentoo.org heroxbd at gentoo.org
Sat Oct 25 00:09:55 UTC 2014

Hi Ritesh,

Thank you for your work on bumping to openrc-0.13.

Regarding commit ec030d6b79

Disable the dependency loop resolver, by default

This patch is not yet commited upstream. For Debian, we will need it                                                                     
eventually. We need to work with upstream, to get it in officialy,                                                                       
included and supported
in a working Debian system, dependency loop resolver is crucial to keep
the boot and shutdown smooth.  I don't think it a good idea to disable
it. If it segment faults on certain arches, we need to fix exactly where
it goes wrong.

It is also needed for parallel booting,


The upstream is reviewing the patch.

Is it okay for me to re-enable dependence loop resolver by default?


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