[PKG-OpenRC-Debian] OpenRC status in Jessie

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Sat Oct 25 07:25:03 UTC 2014

Dear Release Team,

I thought it was best to write now, rather than after the freeze.

It's looking like we're falling a bit behind with OpenRC for Jessie. The
main reason is that I was taking care of it, but got busy with the
release of OpenStack Juno (which is currently in Experimental). Since,
some other DDs took a bit over my work, namely Ritesh Raj Sarraf (and
others). What worries me currently are the 2 RC bugs we have:

#765785 openrc: can't cope with dangling rc.d links
#763681 openrc: FTBFS[armel,armhf,ppc64el]

The first one can't really fully be attributed to OpenRC. In a normal
situation, there shouldn't be any rc.d dangling symlink, and that may
only happen because of bad postinst not removing them in other packages.
Never the less, this should be addressed, though I am not entirely sure
what we should do. Should we simply clean the /etc/rcX.d folders in the
preinst of OpenRC? Advices welcome. It shouldn't be so hard to fix...

The 2nd one is due to the dependency loop resolving not being written
fully correctly. This is a little bit more a concern, due to the fact
that it's a quite complex code. However, I'm convince that we can fix
the situation. Worst case, we could simply remove the patch, but this
isn't desirable in Debian (while it's ok upstream), because it's needed
due to lots of init scripts having bad LSB header dependencies (yes, we
don't "see" the consequences with sysv-rc...), and it's also needed for
parallel booting. In fact, this patch fixed the remaining issues when
doing concurrency booting, which is IMO important.

Last, there is #750559, which is in cryptsetup, that is affecting OpenRC
badly: "openrc: breaks boot if extra crypto devices are present". We
first thought it was an issue in OpenRC, but its looking like it is in
fact in cryptsetup. We also really need that one to be fixed for Jessie.

Anyways, my hope is that we will have the opportunity to fix things
"soon", and that you will accept the necessary unblocks when Jessie is

Your opinion/advice is more than welcome.


Thomas Goirand (zigo)

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