[PKG-OpenRC-Debian] Bug#819258: openrc: dependency resolving fails using init-system-helpers

Kevin Velghe kevin at paretje.be
Sun Mar 27 17:02:17 UTC 2016


I did some extra tests, and there is probably no openrc specific issue
indeed. I'm sorry for wasting your time.

OK, I did use insserv incorrect. Running insserv -d /etc/init.d does
almost nothing when running from the rescue mode on the installation
disk. It seems it only enables those currently running when no actual
scripts are passed.

OpenRC seems to generate it's dependency cache with the services enabled
in /etc/rc?.d, definitely when using openrc=0.20.4-2.1, but as it
created all symlinks for me, I think openrc=0.20.4-1 does the same. I
wonder where this happens though, as I can't find it immediately in the
diffs. It might be interesting for init-system-helpers to do the same, I

The reason the installation of lvm2 failed was because mountdevsubfs.sh
was not enabled, which it should be, judging by the symlinks created by
openrc=0.20.4-1. I should have guessed after my tests with a container.
It would probably be interesting for init-system-helpers to enable
dependencies automatically.

I'm not sure however about the reason openrc initially failed. I haven't
been able to recreate the same problem. I can reproduce it with sysv-rc,
but I can't reproduce it anymore with openrc. I guess this issue can be
closed and/or sent to init-system-helpers/openrc/lvm2.

Best regards,
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