[Openstack-devel] Need some help with message catalogue

Pfannenstein Erik debianignatz at gmx.de
Tue Aug 6 20:37:56 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

I am currently going over my German translation of Nova's message catalogue. 
As I still have issues understanding some strings, I wondered if you could 
help me out and explain them to me (i. e. give me some context).

Here they are:

> #: nova/exception.py:298
> #, python-format
> msgid "Group not valid. Reason: %(reason)s"
> msgstr "Gruppe nicht zulässig. Grund: %(reason)s"

Does "group" refer to a security group or the SQL command? I think the second, 
cause the next string clearly is about a SQL command:

> #: nova/exception.py:302
> msgid "Sort key supplied was not valid."
> msgstr "Angegebener Sort-Schlüssel war unzulässig."


> #: nova/api/openstack/compute/contrib/admin_actions.py:64
> #, fuzzy, python-format
> msgid "Compute.api::pause %s"
> msgstr "Compute.api::pause %s"

> #: nova/tests/api/openstack/compute/contrib/test_snapshots.py:56
> #, fuzzy, python-format
> msgid "_create: %s"
> msgstr "_create: %s"

Are the original strings of this form somehow important to the user (e. g. 
because it appears in a config file or something)? Otherwise I'd simply 
translated them.


> #: nova/compute/manager.py:1231
> #, fuzzy, python-format
> msgid "Rotating out %d backups"
> msgstr ""

What does "roteate out" mean?


> #: nova/compute/manager.py:1323
> #, fuzzy, python-format
> msgid ""
> "trying to inject a file into a non-running (state: "
> "%(current_power_state)s expected: %(expected_state)s)"
> msgstr "es wird versucht, eine Datei in ein ... damnit!"

Does "non-running" refer to an instance?


> #: nova/tests/integrated/test_api_samples.py:130
> #, fuzzy, python-format
> msgid "Result: %(result)s is not a dict."
> msgstr "Ergebnis: %(result)s ist kein dict."

dict looks like the short form of "dictionary". What kind of dictionary may I 
concieve of this?

> #: nova/virt/powervm/operator.py:226
> #, fuzzy, python-format
> msgid "Fetching image '%s' from glance"
> msgstr "Image »%s« wird von Glance geholt"

Glance is the server's name, right?


> #: nova/virt/xenapi/fake.py:662 nova/virt/xenapi/fake.py:764
> #: nova/virt/xenapi/fake.py:783 nova/virt/xenapi/fake.py:851
> #, fuzzy
> msgid "Raising NotImplemented"
> msgstr "NotImplemented wird erhöht"

Is NotImplemented a variable or does it mean some kind of notification?

Looking forward to hearing from you, many thanks in advance!

By the way, I probably found a msgid bug:

> #: nova/db/sqlalchemy/api.py:4762
> #, python-format
> msgid "%(sm_flavor_id) flavor not found"
> msgstr "Flavor %(sm_flavor_id)s nicht gefunden"

Maybe there's a missing s behind "%(sm_flavor_id)", msgfmt doesn't accept it 
as valid Python format string:
> msgfmt: 'msgstr' is not a valid Python format string, unlike 'msgid'.
> Reason: In the directive number 1, the character 'n' is not a valid
> conversion specifier.


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