[Openstack-devel] Bug#700620: Bug#700620: Rewriting the .ini parsing bit of openstack-pkg-tools

Julien Danjou acid at debian.org
Mon Mar 18 21:18:20 UTC 2013

On Mon, Mar 11 2013, Thomas Goirand wrote:

Hi Thomas,

> I don't want the 2nd version. Openstack operator all want to answer all
> questions, then go to the coffee machine and rest 10 minutes during the
> setup... ;)
> So, I continue to think that everything should be done in shell script.
> Not the way I wrote it the first time though. The goal is to have the
> same implementation as this:
> https://github.com/openstack/oslo-config/blob/master/oslo/config/iniparser.py

I think you're wrong. The fact that question aren't asked all in a row
is not the OpenStack packaging team's problem here, and trying to avoid
this problem by re-implementing something that you will endless run
after is a waste of time.

Further more, I'd argue that real deployers really don't care about the
questions and will use preseed or some non-interactive thinggy to not
have to answer them anyway. So this sounds like an un-needed
optimization that it's going to cost you a lot in the long run (chasing
bugs and limitation from your implementation and adding more feature).

So I don't think you should do that, at least I wouldn't do it. That'd
be my advice. Do the less you can, be lazy, and use something that works
better than what you'll write! :-)

(Obviously, since as you stated you're the one doing the job and this is
mainly a do-ocracy, feel free to ignore me. :-))

Julien Danjou
/* Free Software hacker * freelance consultant
   http://julien.danjou.info */
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