[Openstack-devel] Bug#700620: Bug#700620: Rewriting the .ini parsing bit of openstack-pkg-tools

Thomas Goirand zigo at debian.org
Tue Mar 19 05:16:36 UTC 2013

On 03/19/2013 05:18 AM, Julien Danjou wrote:
> I think you're wrong. The fact that question aren't asked all in a row
> is not the OpenStack packaging team's problem here

Who's problem then?

> and trying to avoid
> this problem by re-implementing something that you will endless run
> after is a waste of time.

I thought like you first. Then I realized that we have no choice but to
implement something anyway, because the upstream library doesn't have a
feature to actually write the configuration, it only can read it.

> Further more, I'd argue that real deployers really don't care about the
> questions and will use preseed or some non-interactive thinggy to not
> have to answer them anyway. So this sounds like an un-needed
> optimization that it's going to cost you a lot in the long run (chasing
> bugs and limitation from your implementation and adding more feature).

Well, if we're writing some debconf stuff, it is so it can be used. I
don't believe it is reasonable to say "bha... people are going to
preseed anyway, so why should we care". I do care!

Also, I believe that my final solution, based on regular expression, is
easy to change if there was any trouble with the parsing. The fact that
I use a unique logic to both read and write values also helps



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