[Openstack-devel] Which version of OpenStack should we package?

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sun Nov 27 19:07:05 UTC 2011

On 11/27/2011 07:30 PM, Loic Dachary wrote:
> Isn't this somewhat mitigated by the fact that openstack
> currently is not used for anything but to setup test
> platforms, with significant manual tweaking to get them
> running ?

Well, that's what I would have like to avoid! Also, there's now a QA
team for OpenStack, which is also trying to avoid this mess. I was
hoping to be able to work with them on having a good 2011.3, but if we
can't (I believe it's already too late for it anyway), then I'm ok if we
put a major focus on Essex. Let's do that and forget about what I wrote

> Maybe you know about people/companies already
> using it in production or planning to use 2011.3 in
> production before essex is released. From an outsider
> perspective this is unclear and it would be great to
> have your insight on this.
> Cheers

Since this is open source stuff, it's hard to know. I can only tell for
the people I know or heard about.

- The university of Jiao Tong in Shanghai is using Cactus in production
right now to deliver virtual machines to the campus, and to do a really
massive syslog analysis as a research project (using nova-volume and
I now know quite well the professor working on this project, who has
lots of hardware to play with. I was planning on getting in touch with
him and proposing him to try 2011.3 in Debian as a replacement for his
2011.2 running Ubuntu, which is why I was a bit disappointed to see that
Ghe uploaded the unstable Essex. Never mind, this can happen later this
year, and I'm hoping he will be happy to participate in testing and QA
for Wheezy around next spring/summer.

- Rackspace is pushing to use Diablo in production, and is working
toward having Squeeze back-ported packages (at least, that's my
understanding, and this would have to be checked). I know they use
Debian (stable) and not Ubuntu internally, and that they still aren't
using OpenStack themselves just yet, but they are willing to. It's my
understanding that they are a bit struggling with their own technology
which is far from being easy to deploy.

These are the only people I know of.

When it comes to myself (eg: GPLHost), we don't plan to use OpenStack
before we have a full Xen support for it in Debian, which means having
Xen-API ready and packaged for Debian. This is taking a lot more time
than expected (we were previously aiming at last summer), but we
currently have ready:
- blktap
- blktap-dkms
- a big patch for Xen itself so it builds Ocaml (-dev)packages in order
to build xen-api-libs and xen-api.

I should be uploading the first 2 above this week if I don't get some
returns from Chuck (from Ubuntu).

I'm working tightly with Mike McClurg and Jonathan Ludlam (from Citrix)
on having this tackled. The biggest blocker currently is Xen itself, as
Waldi isn't communicating much about what he would like to do or not,
even though we believe that the packaging patches are ready. I hope this
will solve by itself with Waldi uploading with the patches included (and
I'm guessing, without telling anyone prior to it...).

Now, our goal with XCP/Kronos is to be ready before Ubuntu 2012.04
(which I don't care myself, but people from Citrix seem to care...).

What are you guys up to? Why is OpenStack interesting for you? What will
you do with it?



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