[Openstack-devel] Which version of OpenStack should we package?

Loic Dachary loic at dachary.org
Sun Nov 27 19:53:38 UTC 2011

> What are you guys up to? Why is OpenStack interesting for you? What will
> you do with it?
I'm looking forward to replace ganeti on the FSF France cluster with a packaged solution that can be installed from scratch within less that four hours. The FSF France cluster is a little more than what ganeti can handle, primarily because the population using it is less uniform than what ganeti assumes.

The "less than 4 hours" target is related to the fact that system administration is done by volunteers. Installation and maintainance needs to fit in the expected volunteer good will which amounts to a few days at a time. Very rarely weeks in a row. Although openstack claims to be fit for small clusters as well as large ones, it currently requires much work to setup and the learning curve is steep. Even someone familiar with libvirt or ganeti needs weeks to be confortable with the constantly moving code base. This reflects the fact that most groups interested in openstack are companies devoting at least one full time employee to master it.

I believe that packaging will make all the difference. I hope running apt-get install on the openstack packages will eventually result in a setup that has sensible defaults for the main components.


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