[Perkamon-l10n-fr] Tracking the Debian man-pages French translation

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Sam 30 Oct 12:44:20 UTC 2010

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Le 30/10/2010 02:46, Michael Kerrisk a écrit :
> Hello all,

Hi Michael, an the perkamon team,

> I have a question: what is the easiest way for me to track the state
> of the French man-pages translation?

perkamon [1] is the tool used to translate man-pages to French, its
repository is on Gitorious [2], and the translation are handled with
po4a (so we work on PO files and it's quite easy to know how much
translated manual pages are). Please note that we are still working on
man-pages 3.29, so it is not yet proposed for upload [3].

	1 : http://perkamon.alioth.debian.org
	2 : http://gitorious.org/perkamon/man-pages
	3 : https://alioth.debian.org/projects/perkamon/

Once you cloned (or pulled) the repository [3], you just need to run
	make stats
in order to have an idea of how close we are.

	3 : git://gitorious.org/perkamon/man-pages.git

For example, right now (about the 3.29 release) we are up to date since
yesterday :

$ LANG=C make stats
man1: 178 translated messages.
man2a-m: 3768 translated messages.
man2n-z: 4305 translated messages.
man3a-f: 3218 translated messages.
man3g-m: 3154 translated messages.
man3n-s: 3920 translated messages.
man3t-z: 1295 translated messages.
man4: 1444 translated messages.
man5: 2112 translated messages.
man6: 13 translated messages.
man7a-l: 3625 translated messages.
man7m-z: 3174 translated messages.
man8: 278 translated messages.
30484 translated, 0 fuzzy, 0 untranslated ==> 100.00%

> What I'm mainly interested is to be able to check how much of the
> recent changes (i.e., in the release that I'm currently working on) to
> English man-pages have been translated.

Denis (who is the coordinator) might give you a more accurate answer
(but he might not be available until Monday) and explain the current
workflow, but I guess once man-pages 3.29 will be released, we may begin
to work on the upcoming 3.30 unless we have other maintenance task to
perform (we usually take some time to address some issues to the
existing manual pages).

> The reason that I'm interested
> is that it's clear that the translation work is catching errors in the
> current English upstream changes, and that you are reporting them to
> me in a fairly timely fashion.

Thanks for the confidence.

> Knowing how close behind me the
> translation work is (if that is easily knowable) may be helpful for me
> to decide when to make a release: if I know that the French
> translation is currently close behind, then I know that my recent work
> has been checked, and therefore it's probably a better moment to do a
> release.

Sorry to tell you that we are actually not yet working on 3.30.



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