[Perkamon-l10n-fr] Tracking the Debian man-pages French translation

Michael Kerrisk mtk.manpages at gmail.com
Dim 31 Oct 14:00:28 UTC 2010

Hi David,

On Sat, Oct 30, 2010 at 2:44 PM, David Prévot <david at tilapin.org> wrote:
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> Le 30/10/2010 02:46, Michael Kerrisk a écrit :
>> Hello all,
> Hi Michael, an the perkamon team,
>> I have a question: what is the easiest way for me to track the state
>> of the French man-pages translation?
> perkamon [1] is the tool used to translate man-pages to French, its
> repository is on Gitorious [2], and the translation are handled with
> po4a (so we work on PO files and it's quite easy to know how much
> translated manual pages are). Please note that we are still working on
> man-pages 3.29, so it is not yet proposed for upload [3].
>        1 : http://perkamon.alioth.debian.org
>        2 : http://gitorious.org/perkamon/man-pages
>        3 : https://alioth.debian.org/projects/perkamon/
> Once you cloned (or pulled) the repository [3], you just need to run
>        make stats
> in order to have an idea of how close we are.
>        3 : git://gitorious.org/perkamon/man-pages.git
> For example, right now (about the 3.29 release) we are up to date since
> yesterday :
> $ LANG=C make stats
> man1: 178 translated messages.
> man2a-m: 3768 translated messages.
> man2n-z: 4305 translated messages.
> man3a-f: 3218 translated messages.
> man3g-m: 3154 translated messages.
> man3n-s: 3920 translated messages.
> man3t-z: 1295 translated messages.
> man4: 1444 translated messages.
> man5: 2112 translated messages.
> man6: 13 translated messages.
> man7a-l: 3625 translated messages.
> man7m-z: 3174 translated messages.
> man8: 278 translated messages.
> 30484 translated, 0 fuzzy, 0 untranslated ==> 100.00%

Thanks. But I'm still not quite clear -- this doesn't give me an
indication of the difference between what is translated and what
you've pulled from my current head, does it?

>> What I'm mainly interested is to be able to check how much of the
>> recent changes (i.e., in the release that I'm currently working on) to
>> English man-pages have been translated.
> Denis (who is the coordinator) might give you a more accurate answer
> (but he might not be available until Monday) and explain the current
> workflow, but I guess once man-pages 3.29 will be released, we may begin
> to work on the upcoming 3.30 unless we have other maintenance task to
> perform (we usually take some time to address some issues to the
> existing manual pages).


>> The reason that I'm interested
>> is that it's clear that the translation work is catching errors in the
>> current English upstream changes, and that you are reporting them to
>> me in a fairly timely fashion.
> Thanks for the confidence.
>> Knowing how close behind me the
>> translation work is (if that is easily knowable) may be helpful for me
>> to decide when to make a release: if I know that the French
>> translation is currently close behind, then I know that my recent work
>> has been checked, and therefore it's probably a better moment to do a
>> release.
> Sorry to tell you that we are actually not yet working on 3.30.

No problem. This was a general question, not one about the current release.



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