[Pkg-corba-devel] progress on the omniorb4 FTBFS on arm

Floris Bruynooghe floris.bruynooghe at gmail.com
Mon Feb 25 09:17:12 UTC 2008

On Sun, Feb 24, 2008 at 11:14:51PM +0100, Thomas Girard wrote:
> However, as reported to #460419, compiling omniORB 4.1.1 with g++-4.1 on
> arm succeeds. I am currently recompiling this version with the
> workaround (commited in r130) on qemu.
> If it compiles, I plan to upload 4.1.1-3. Or do you think it would be
> better to update to 4.1.2 first?

No, I think it would be best to see 4.1.1-3 get to testing first.
Altough maybe we should be careful so we don't break Salome, in which
case we should produce the older packages first before we upload a
fixed version or ARM (or find a different solution for them)?


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