[Pkg-corba-devel] interesting CORBA software to package

Thomas Girard thomas.g.girard at free.fr
Thu Mar 6 10:01:23 UTC 2008


Here is a list of CORBA software I'd like to see in Debian:

= ORB =
 * JacORB (ITP#349540) for Java
   There are license issues to solve with upstream. That's my next task.

 * R2CORBA (http://www.theaceorb.nl/en/rclm.html) for Ruby
   Depends on TAO.

 * IIOP.NET (RFP#214463) for .NET
   It compiles with Mono.

= Tools =
 * idldepend (http://www.byteslooser.com/idldepend/)
   it's an Ant CORBA task. Very handy.

Software that we could package (but which I've not tried yet):

= ORB =
 * MICO (http://www.mico.org/)
   It used to be in Debian.

 * opalORB (http://opalorb.sourceforge.net/) for Perl

 * Combat (http://www.fpx.de/Combat/) for Tcl

 * OpenORB (http://openorb.sourceforge.net/) for Java
   It does not seem very active right now.

= Tools =
 * Ostendo (https://ostendo.dev.java.net/)
   a CORBA IIOP Message Analyzer.

 * Eclipse CORBA Plugin (http://eclipsecorba.sourceforge.net/)

 * Lorica (http://trac.42tools.net/lorica)
   an IIOP firewall.

Any takers? We may coordinate packaging for some of these software with
other teams (e.g. the Java team) to make sure we follow the applicable

If you see anything else feel free to add it to this list.



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