[Pkg-corba-devel] interesting CORBA software to package

W. Martin Borgert debacle at debian.org
Thu Mar 6 21:48:38 UTC 2008


currently I'm not working with CORBA, but I try to remember some
experiences from the past:

On Thu, Mar 06, 2008 at 11:01:23AM +0100, Thomas Girard wrote:
>  * JacORB (ITP#349540) for Java
>    There are license issues to solve with upstream. That's my next task.

I had some customers working with JacORB and they were happy
with that ORB. JacORB has a little bad reputation for being
buggy in the beginning, but it's not justified anymore.

>  * IIOP.NET (RFP#214463) for .NET
>    It compiles with Mono.

This is a nice thing, but I'm not sure about the current state.
One user told me recently he experienced stability problems with
Mono and an application with many calls about seven times more
slow than an alternative implementation in python-omniorb.

>  * MICO (http://www.mico.org/)
>    It used to be in Debian.

Is the build process still a mess? I had to build MICO some
years ago under Solaris and Linux and hated it. Esp. problematic
for packaging was, that it had many build options, depending on
your needs. If this is still the case, we would have to agree on
a useful set of features. We don't want to have ten different
variants, right?

>  * Eclipse CORBA Plugin (http://eclipsecorba.sourceforge.net/)
>  * Lorica (http://trac.42tools.net/lorica)
>    an IIOP firewall.

Thanks for those two! These are tools, I would have needed some
years back :~)

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