[Pkg-dia-team] Which shapes are included in dia?

Roland Stigge stigge at antcom.de
Sat Jan 7 11:56:18 UTC 2012


On 06/01/12 22:47, Thomas Bechtold wrote:
>> Will upload this. Please download back again to synchronize.
> thanks for the changes and the upload to the new queue. how can i
> download the package from the new-queue now? i don't know how to get
> your changed package.

Unfortunately, the NEW queue is not publicly available, See

http://www.infodrom.org/Debian/doc/maint/Maintenance-pkgmaint.html, "new

However, I put the package as I uploaded it at:


>> Upon future updates, please just tell me and I can upload.
> ok. but imho it's difficult to detect upstream changes of the shapes.
> upstream should provide versions for the shapes (or at least one version
> for all shapes together).

Yes. Until then, we can download current upstream and (binary) compare
with our version. Maybe every few months or upon interesting changes?
Maybe even in an automated way. And as soon as the autotools generated
(and versioned) git repository is complete, we can even use a
traditional upstream tarball. :-)

I wonder what we do about this upstream issue:

** (dia-gnome:4887): WARNING **: Cannot open icon file
/usr/share/dia/shapes/gradient/white_gray_horzontal.png for object type
'Gradient - White-Gray (horizontal)'.

-> 2 typos in shapes/gradient/white_gray_horizontal.shape - this file is
not even present anymore in the GIT repository so I assume that it is
gone in the next upstream release.


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