[Pkg-dia-team] Which shapes are included in dia?

Thomas Bechtold thomasbechtold at jpberlin.de
Fri Jan 6 21:47:04 UTC 2012

Hi Roland,

On Fri, 2012-01-06 at 19:24 +0100, Roland Stigge wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
> On 05/01/12 00:48, Thomas Bechtold wrote:
> > I uploaded the package to mentors.debian.net [1]. But i still have a
> > question about the versioning - upstream has no version numbers for the
> > shapes. so i used 0.1 in debian/changelog and also renamed all zip-files
> > to this version number (see debian/rules get-orig-source). i hope this
> > is fine!?
> I did some minor changes:
> * debian/copyright typo: "value-stream-mapping/*"
> * debian/control: Added: dia-shapes: Conflicts: dia (= 0.97.2-3)
> * debian/control: Indented (two-spaced) itemized Description: list
>   (see lintian)
> * Added lintian override for the orig.tar.gz for quasi-native package
>   issue (see debian/source.lintian-override)
> * debian/copyright: Added years to make lintian/ftpmasters happy ;-)
> Will upload this. Please download back again to synchronize.

thanks for the changes and the upload to the new queue. how can i
download the package from the new-queue now? i don't know how to get
your changed package.

> Upon future updates, please just tell me and I can upload.

ok. but imho it's difficult to detect upstream changes of the shapes.
upstream should provide versions for the shapes (or at least one version
for all shapes together).

> > I also reopened bug 594475. uploading dia-shapes will close the bug
> > again.
> I closed it again. Please don't open bugs that are fixed already, even
> if in another way. The "Closes: ..." tag in debian/changes is still
> fine, IMO.




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