[Evolution] Bug#355950: Evolution ignores search scope setting for ldap

Matthias Bläsing matthias.blaesing at rwth-aachen.de
Wed Mar 8 22:40:50 UTC 2006

Package: evolution
Severity: important


my university offers a nice campus wide email directory. Some time ago
it worked beautifully out of evolution. Now I wanted to use it and ...
well it doesn't respond anymore.

I investigated a bit and think I found the problem in the search scope
setting of evolution. Doing:

ldapsearch -x -s sub -b o=abook  -h abook.rwth-aachen.de

Returns my Emailadress as part of the result, where 

ldapsearch -x -s one -b o=abook  -h abook.rwth-aachen.de

just returns an empty result.

When I now do a package capture for the first query and one for
evolution, you will notice, that evo queries with scope one, although
configured for sub:

Package comparison: 


This makes the ldap part of evolution useless for me - and it's a
regression, although I don't know when it happend.

Hope you find the error

Thanks in advance

Matthias Bläsing (GPG-Schlüsselkennung: A71B4BD5)
ICQ: 84617206   AIM: linuxfun81   MSN: linuxfun at hotmail.com
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