[Evolution] Bug#476558: Bug#476558: evolution: Fails to GPG sign a message

Yves-Alexis Perez corsac at debian.org
Sat Apr 26 08:21:46 UTC 2008

On ven, 2008-04-25 at 17:51 -0300, Goedson Teixeira Paixao wrote:
> Em Sex, 2008-04-25 às 15:58 +0200, Yves-Alexis Perez escreveu:
> > Well, I dont know how seahorse work. But if you start seahorse and if it
> > exports the GPG_AGENT_INFO, all apps assume there is a gpg agent running. In
> > this case, evo wont use it's internal popup to ask you the passphrase, but
> > will pass this to $GPG_AGENT.
> Seahorse does export GPG_AGENT_INFO but evolution won't use the GPG
> agent unless we set use-agent in ~/.gnupg/gpg.conf

Mhmh ok.
> > Afaict, it's the agent responsibility to make sure user can enter the
> > passphrase. gnupg-agent Recommends pinentry, and I dont know about other
> > agents.
> Agreed. So seahorse should recommend pinentry-gtk2. But I think it is
> the responsibility of the application to make sure the agent will be
> called when needed.

Evo shouldn't require the agent running. If it is (detected via the
use-agent and GPG_AGENT_INFO), fine, use it. It not, fallback.

> if I unset GPG_AGENT_INFO and then launch evolution, it won't ask me for
> a password when trying to sign a message and fails the same way as
> before.

_That_ is weird. Afaik it should fallback to the integrated one. I'll
try to investigate and report back.
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