[Evolution] Bug#772531: Webcal calendar from iCloud : wrong file format

Yvan Masson yvan.masson at openmailbox.org
Mon Dec 8 08:46:37 UTC 2014

Package: evolution
Version: 3.12.9~git20141130.241663-1

Dear maintainers,

When I try to add an iCloud calendar generated from iCal on Mac OSX,
Evolution tells me that the received file format is wrong:
In french, it is written "Impossible de se connecter à «
calendar_chosen_name » : Impossible d'ouvrir l'agenda : Mauvais format
de fichier."
In english, this must be something like: "Impossible to connect to
"calendar_chosen_name": Impossible to open calendar: Wrong file format."

The test calendar I'm trying to add has the following URL:
It only has one event on 2014/12/05 at 7 AM.

I tried adding it using either webcal://, http:// and https://, the
error is the same.

What is strange is that I can download the corresponding .ics file with
Iceweasel with the same URL (replacing webcal:// by http:// or
https://), and then add this .ics file to Evolution without any problem.

The previous version of Evolution (3.12.7-1) was also affected, I don't
know for others.

Do not hesitate to ask if I can help,

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