[pkg-fgfs-crew] Security fix for FlightGear

Florent Rougon f.rougon at free.fr
Wed May 17 08:32:17 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Markus Wanner <markus at bluegap.ch> wrote:

> @Florent: with the given patch for 3.0.0, flightgear doesn't currently
> compile (nor does 2016.4.4 with its patch). Did you actually try to
> compile the stable release branches, or did you just cherry pick the
> patch? Or did I somehow mess up the patches?

I tested most builds, but not the oldest ones (not sure where I stopped,
probably in the 3.x series).

> The build for 3.0.0 errs out with:
>> /home/markus/flightgear.git/src/Autopilot/route_mgr.cxx: In function 'bool commandSaveFlightPlan(const SGPropertyNode*)':
>> /home/markus/flightgear.git/src/Autopilot/route_mgr.cxx:79:69: error: no matching function for call to 'fgValidatePath(SGPath&, bool)'
>>                                                      true /* write */);
>>                                                                      ^

Indeed. Unfortunately, I can't build SimGear 3.0 on my machine due to
unrelated errors:

  /home/flo/flightgear/src/simgear/simgear/canvas/elements/CanvasPath.cxx:371:32:error: invalid covariant return type for ‘virtual osg::BoundingBox simgear::canvas::Path::PathDrawable::computeBound() const’
       virtual osg::BoundingBox computeBound() const

but I think the attached patch should solve the problem you reported
above (to apply on top of what I already pushed for release/3.0.0,
Can you please test and report? Thanks.

> The build for 2016.4.4 errs out with:
>> /home/markus/pkg-flightgear/flightgear.git/src/Autopilot/route_mgr.cxx: In function ‘bool commandSaveFlightPlan(const SGPropertyNode*)’:
>> /home/markus/pkg-flightgear/flightgear.git/src/Autopilot/route_mgr.cxx:77:52: error: conversion from ‘SGPath’ to non-scalar type ‘const string {aka const std::__cxx11::basic_string<char>}’ requested
>>    const std::string authorizedPath = fgValidatePath(path,
>>                                       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~^~~~~~
>>                                                      true /* write */);
>>                                                      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> src/Main/CMakeFiles/fgfs.dir/build.make:1577: recipe for target 'src/Main/CMakeFiles/fgfs.dir/__/Autopilot/route_mgr.cxx.o' failed

In this case, I believe you didn't apply the proper patch. This doesn't
seem to match:


Or did I mess something else?..

> I cannot currently investigate further, but have to defer that until
> this evening, at the very least.

No problem, thanks.


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