[Pkg-firebird-general] Packages firebird2 at about 33% done

Remco Seesink raseesink@hotpop.com
Sat, 12 Jun 2004 21:08:37 +0200


I have made a good start at packaging firebird 1.5.0. They are NOT yet
recommended to install. This is not a call for testers, it is not done yet.

If anybody is interested in helping out, mail what you'll be
working on to avoid duplicated work. Basically everything until now is done
in the "debian/packages" file.

The packages so far can be found on:

This is the todo list I came up with:

HIGH Priority:
* Adjust build system to produce debs for i386.
* Add firebird user when needed.
* Construct
  with correct user, group and permissions
* Find out what is needed to let firebird work with /var/lib/firebird2
* Find out what other build options are needed.
* Read how to do shlibs stuff and do it.
* call ldconfig after library installs
* write a proper /etc/init.d/firebird2 file
* call rc-update for init.d script
* Decide in what packages it has to be spilt up. Drop firebird-server-common, firebird-examples?
* Update descriptions of packages
* Package Super Server packages
* Find out if shared utils work at all since the compiled binaries are different in SS and CS.
* Check and if needed adjust config files
* Fix cleaning
* Check what debian helper scripts need to be called.

Other stuff TODO:
* Write or find man pages for binaries
* Port to other architectures