[Pkg-firebird-general] Packages firebird2 at about 33% done

Damyan Ivanov divanov@creditreform.bg
Mon, 14 Jun 2004 10:35:24 +0300

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Hi, Remco,

This is where I can help with the TODO list:
Note that I am not experienced in packaging so take the following with 
approptiare suspicion.

Remco Seesink wrote:
> The packages so far can be found on:
> HIGH Priority:

> * Add firebird user when needed.
Policy section 9.2 talks about this.

in postinst, there should be

adduser --system --home /var/lib/firebird2 ‐‐no‐create‐home \
   --ingroup firebird 2 ‐‐disabled‐password -‐disabled‐login firebird2

and probably

chown -R firebird2:firebird2 /var/lig/firebird2
chmod -R o-a,gu+rw /var/lib/firebird2

> * Construct
>     /var/lib/firebird2/backup
>     /var/lib/firebird2/data
>     /var/lib/firebird2/system
>     /var/lib/firebird2/tmp
>   with correct user, group and permissions
see above - postinst may be the place.
The other aproach is to request a statically allocated userID in 
base-passwd, but I thing we'd better not do it - we can achieve the same 
with postinst - it will save a static UID and bothering base-passwd 

> * Find out what is needed to let firebird work with /var/lib/firebird2

How about providing a default firebird2.conf, that limits databases in 
/var/lib/firebird2? I can do the research - it shall be easy, I just 
don't have the docs at hand right now.

> * Find out what other build options are needed.

> * Read how to do shlibs stuff and do it.
> * call ldconfig after library installs

As recently read the policy :-) I can try to help here. Section 8.6

Put this in debian/rules, somewhere after install target:

dh_makeshlibs -plibfirebird2-c64
dh_makeshlibs -plibfirebird2-s64

this will add ldconfig call in postinst and postrm.

I don't think we can use dh_shlibdeps for firebird2-utils, 
libfirebird2-utils depends on libfirebird2, which is a virtual library 
package. Virtual library packages have (IMHO) no shlibs info, so 
dh_shlibdeps will generate either libfirebird2-cs or libfirebird2-ss, 
but not libfirebird2 :-(
so this dependenci has to be left hardcoded :-(.

> * write a proper /etc/init.d/firebird2 file
> * call rc-update for init.d script
> * Decide in what packages it has to be spilt up. Drop firebird-server-common, firebird-examples?
> * Update descriptions of packages
> * Package Super Server packages
> * Find out if shared utils work at all since the compiled binaries are different in SS and CS.
> * Check and if needed adjust config files
> * Fix cleaning
> * Check what debian helper scripts need to be called.
> Other stuff TODO:
> * Write or find man pages for binaries
I have one for gbak (in SGML). Another one, isql-fb, also written by me 
is in firebird-1.0.x Debian packages.

I'll have to check them against firebord-1.5, though.

That's from me for now. I'll check out your packaging and may generate 
some ideas about package-split.

Great TODO, I see the glory is not near, but at least exists :-)


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