[Pkg-firebird-general] fb2 packages ready for testing

Grzegorz B. Prokopski gadek@debian.org
Sun, 27 Jun 2004 20:58:39 -0400

W li=B6cie z nie, 27-06-2004, godz. 17:43, Daniel Urban pisze:=20
> Hi all
> =20
> http://debian.sente.pl/fb2
> =20
> There are sources of packages and debs compiled
> for debian woody.
> Tomorrow I will compile it on sarge.
> Please test it and give me a feed back -
> what in your opinion is lacking to finish them.

Thanks a lot for these packages, I looked at them.  A couple of remarks:

* you *have to* compile them on sid/unstable system (this can easily be
  a chroot, created w/ debootstrap); it makes little sense to fine-tune
  the packages when they're built w/ 2-years old software
* because we want fb2 to be as soon as possible in debian, we need to
  focus on two things:
  - have final list of resulting binary packages (because any additional
    package will require again acceptance by ftpmasters and it takes
    10-15 days); in this case more is better than less, as we can
    harmlessly *drop* resulting binary packages we don't want.
  - make sure the content of ./debian directory is in its best shape as
    this is the very first thing where ftpmasters look while evaluating
    package for acceptance.

What worries me the most at this point the content of ./debian.  It
seems to be a mix of tempaltes from dh_make and from the old 1.0.x
packages (I was about to ask somebody "What the hell is fbslup?!" when
I recalled I wrote it ;-))

* All unneeded files (i.e. *.ex) from ./debian dir should be removed.
* rules file must be cleaned up - things commented out and not useful,
  should be removed
* Are you sure all these post/pre/inst/rm files work as they should?
* Do we still have to keep this symlinks pool that fbslup manages?
  I think FB2's build system should have been fixed so that it was
  possible to use ./configure  --prefix=3D/usr
  --mandir=3D\$${prefix}/share/man --infodir=3D\$${prefix}/share/info=20
  plus possibly some extra options, and have all things by default
  in the right places (FHS is the bible here)
* Build-depens: are missing, unless fb2 really does not build depend
  on any non-essential libraries etc.  I recall it used to use i.e.
  editline, not sure if it's still the case.  The (unperfect) way
  I usually look for build-dependencies is to run ldd on every library
  in the resulting packages, and see what are the libs it links to.
  Then I use 'dpkg -S /usr/lib/libname...' to find to which package
  it belongs, then I look for -dev version of this package and add
  it to Build-depends.  Another option is to use pbuilder but can't
  comment as I've never used it myself.

Final things:
* These things above is just some nitpicking about little things.  But
  we should not forget that the most important is that these packages
  actually work for enduser :-) [ but for that to happen they must be
  bugless enought to be accepted by ftpmasters and get to testing/Sarge ]
* I think the set of packages is the fine.  We might possibly resign from
  some of the resulting binary packages, but we can always do it later.
* Daniel, you need to create your GPG key (I suggest 2048 bits size at le=
  upload it to a public gpg server and/or put up on a webpage (debian.s.p=
  and start signing packages you put up on a web pages.  I will have to
  re-sign the packages for upload to debian archive, but they should be
  signed by you initially.

Great work, Daniel!

Now we all "only" need to help you finish these debs ;-)


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