[Pkg-firebird-general] fb2 packages ready for testing

Daniel Urban daniel@sente.pl
Mon, 28 Jun 2004 12:47:09 +0200

> Thanks a lot for these packages, I looked at them.  A couple of remarks:
> * you *have to* compile them on sid/unstable system (this can easily be
>   a chroot, created w/ debootstrap); it makes little sense to fine-tune
>   the packages when they're built w/ 2-years old software

Ok, I will try, I've build it already with sarge

> * because we want fb2 to be as soon as possible in debian, we need to
>   focus on two things:
>   - have final list of resulting binary packages (because any additional
>     package will require again acceptance by ftpmasters and it takes
>     10-15 days); in this case more is better than less, as we can
>     harmlessly *drop* resulting binary packages we don't want.
>   - make sure the content of ./debian directory is in its best shape as
>     this is the very first thing where ftpmasters look while evaluating
>     package for acceptance.

maybe, we should make another one package - firebird2-doc
Grzegorz, why you drop it with firebird_1.0.0.?

> What worries me the most at this point the content of ./debian.  It
> seems to be a mix of tempaltes from dh_make and from the old 1.0.x
> packages (I was about to ask somebody "What the hell is fbslup?!" when
> I recalled I wrote it ;-))

*.ex were there by mistake, there is no template from old 1.0.x
besides fbslup, I will try to get rid of this.
But then there will be more warning in lintian.
For example about symlink /usr/lib/firebired2/lib -> ../../lib

> * All unneeded files (i.e. *.ex) from ./debian dir should be removed.

> * rules file must be cleaned up - things commented out and not useful,
>   should be removed
ok, cleaned

> * Are you sure all these post/pre/inst/rm files work as they should?

I think so, I've wrote all script with my fingers :-) 
rewritten from standard install scripts from firebird and a little
from old fb package
I've tested classic-server with xinetd yet. I must do it today.

> * Do we still have to keep this symlinks pool that fbslup manages?

maybe not, I will try to get rid of this

>   I think FB2's build system should have been fixed so that it was
>   possible to use ./configure  --prefix=/usr
>   --mandir=\$${prefix}/share/man --infodir=\$${prefix}/share/info 
>   plus possibly some extra options, and have all things by default
>   in the right places (FHS is the bible here)

I don't understand this, could you elaborate or give examples?

> * Build-depens: are missing, unless fb2 really does not build depend
>   on any non-essential libraries etc.  I recall it used to use i.e.
>   editline, not sure if it's still the case.  The (unperfect) way
>   I usually look for build-dependencies is to run ldd on every library
>   in the resulting packages, and see what are the libs it links to.
>   Then I use 'dpkg -S /usr/lib/libname...' to find to which package
>   it belongs, then I look for -dev version of this package and add
>   it to Build-depends.  Another option is to use pbuilder but can't
>   comment as I've never used it myself.

ok, I will do it, but first I must compile it on target system

With regards
Daniel Urban