[Pkg-firebird-general] lintian reports for firebird2 packages

Remco Seesink raseesink@hotpop.com
Wed, 30 Jun 2004 00:16:50 +0200

> > W: libfirebird2-classic: non-dev-pkg-with-shlib-symlink
> > usr/lib/libfbclient.so.1.5.0 usr/lib/libfbclient.so
> yes, the .so file should be moved to -dev package

Hmmm. Aparantly I have falsely believed -dev contained
header files only and libraries should go into lib packages.

I just noticed more examples of this in the archive. But why
not the libraries in the lib package? (and the symlink with it?)

This library is usefull for more than development only right?