[pkg-firebird-general] Debian packages of firebird 2.0 available for your testing preasure

Andre Tomt andre at tomt.net
Sat Jan 20 22:20:54 CET 2007

Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> - -=| Andre Tomt, 20.01.2007 00:53 |=-
>> Currently chasing 1.5 segfault bugs on amd64, setting up 2.0 to check
> I use classic just fine. Upstream, however, claims that the non-i386
> ports are very "hairy" in 1.5, so there really may exist some bug there.
> unfortunately, then seem to put 1.5 into the "low-maintenance" mode so I
> guess your best approach is to provide at least a test case for
> reproducing the segfault.

So far we have been unable to isolate it, so the focus has temporarily 
shifted to getting the production environment reasonably stable - even 
if it means running experimental 2.0 packages.

The segfaults occur every few minutes, and every few days firebird gets 
deadlocked. For the segfaults the queries thats in-flight fails, but 
fbguard recovers firebird nicely. Not that lucky with the deadlocks 
though, but a nagios check at least makes it getting fixed in a 
reasonable timeframe..

Any tips on getting fbserver to run under a debugger maybe?

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