[pkg-firebird-general] Debian packages of firebird 2.0 available for your testing preasure

Andre Tomt andre at tomt.net
Sat Jan 20 22:28:49 CET 2007

Andre Tomt wrote:
> Damyan Ivanov wrote:
>> - -=| Andre Tomt, 20.01.2007 00:53 |=-
>>> Currently chasing 1.5 segfault bugs on amd64, setting up 2.0 to check
>> I use classic just fine. Upstream, however, claims that the non-i386
>> ports are very "hairy" in 1.5, so there really may exist some bug there.
>> unfortunately, then seem to put 1.5 into the "low-maintenance" mode so I
>> guess your best approach is to provide at least a test case for
>> reproducing the segfault.
> So far we have been unable to isolate it, so the focus has temporarily 
> shifted to getting the production environment reasonably stable - even 
> if it means running experimental 2.0 packages.
> The segfaults occur every few minutes, and every few days firebird gets 
> deadlocked. For the segfaults the queries thats in-flight fails, but 
> fbguard recovers firebird nicely. Not that lucky with the deadlocks 
> though, but a nagios check at least makes it getting fixed in a 
> reasonable timeframe..
> Any tips on getting fbserver to run under a debugger maybe?

Oh yeah, it segfaults under the classic server too. But then its 
fb_lock_mgr that dies.. Looks like the locking logic is broken on amd64, 
as it seems to occur more often when there are multiple concurrent 
writing queries in progress. Not yet sure if the deadlocks are present 
on -classic though.

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