Bug#712712: gnash: Doesn't play YouTube's video of RMS singing the Free Software Song (or any other)

Kingsley G. Morse Jr. kingsley at loaner.com
Fri Oct 4 22:08:40 UTC 2013

Hi Gabriele,

I tried version 0.8.11~git20130903-3 of gnash.

Unfortunately, it failed the same way.

I enabled gnash's logging.

The log file is 1.2 GB, or 20 MB compressed.

Two questions:

1.) Can gnash play RMS singing the Free Software
    Song at

    for you?

2.) What would you think of me emailing the
    compressed log file to you?


On 09/07/13 19:47, Gabriele Giacone wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 18, 2013 at 11:24:23AM -0700, Kingsley G. Morse Jr. wrote:
> > 4.) The first few frames are rendered, but then
> >     the video hangs. 
> >     
> >     The gray status bar keeps creeping across the
> >     window, but the video hangs.
> > 
> >     I heard no sound.
> Please try 0.8.11~git20130903-2 uploaded few days ago.

Time is the fire in which we all burn.

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