Bug#712712: gnash: Doesn't play YouTube's video of RMS singing the Free Software Song (or any other)

Gabriele Giacone 1o5g4r8o at gmail.com
Sun Oct 6 15:59:43 UTC 2013

On Sun, Oct 6, 2013 at 1:04 AM, Kingsley G. Morse Jr.
<kingsley at loaner.com> wrote:
> I followed your instructions, and am happy to
> report several "ERROR"s, "UNIMPLEMENTED"s and
> "buffer overrun"s.

I can't reproduce it even on a sid chroot. Have you full-upgraded your
system lately?

Does it work if you switch to gstreamer media handler (default is ffmpeg)?
$ echo "set MediaHandler gst" >> ~/.gnashrc

>     2.) Without my (re?)visiting YouTube's html5
>         config page, RMS's video was served in
>         flash format this time.

I don't know what html5 playing depends on when html5 trial is
enabled, but f you disable it, site provides flash movies only.

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