Bug#712712: gnash: Doesn't play YouTube's video of RMS singing the Free Software Song (or any other)

Kingsley G. Morse Jr. kingsley at loaner.com
Sat Oct 5 23:04:37 UTC 2013

Hi Gabriele,

Thank you for your prompt and thoughtful email.

I followed your instructions, and am happy to
report several "ERROR"s, "UNIMPLEMENTED"s and
"buffer overrun"s.

They're in the log file.

It's attached.

For what it's worth, I noticed a few anomalies
that seem unimportant to me, but which may mean
something to you.

    1.) The last line of the log file looks truncated.

    2.) Without my (re?)visiting YouTube's html5
        config page, RMS's video was served in
        flash format this time.

What do you think?


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