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Sebastian Humenda shumenda at gmx.de
Sun May 5 20:19:25 UTC 2013

Hello Nikolay and all,

Sorry for the doubled message and for the delay. There seems to be something
wrong with my subscription.

Nikolay Shaplov schrieb am 04.05.2013,  0:28 +0400:
>> I hope that everyone interested is now on the list.
>> A short question for the start: what do you think, where should we get the
>> sources for the packaging from? Should we take the dict-downloads from
>> SourceForge or should we import the SVN and transform the files ourselves?
>IMHO to answer this question one should know how often free-dict team do 
>releases and how what is more easy to automate svn or sourceforge downloads.
>If releases are often and sorceforge downloads can be automatically downloaded 
>and transformed by scripts, then it is good to use it. But I would not bet, 
>that there will be no problems with file names etc while downloading...
>If they do releases much less often then you want to update packages, then it 
>is better to use svn snapshots...
Releases / upstream imports should not be often, I could imagine from minimally
one time per year up to 4-5 times a year. Both is equally simple, since SVN can
be “svn exported” and the Download links are stored together with additional
information in a XML file, see latest Debian wiki edit.

Michael said that since it's called “source”, it should be the true (XML) source
from the SVN. Since our source is a dict-server database, I think we should also
be fine with downloading the released databases. That's also fairly
straight-forward to implement.

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