[pkg-fso-maint] [Fwd: patch to install.sh (Debian at FreeRunner)]

Steffen Moeller steffen_moeller at gmx.de
Wed Feb 4 17:37:13 UTC 2009

Ciao Luca,

Luca Capello wrote:
> [...]
>> I just ran through install.sh and did the following changes.
> If you provide Git patches (with e.g. `git format-patch origin/master`),
> one per each change, it would be less work for us and your name would
> directly appear on `git log` output :-)

for this special script, a git patch is probably not ultimately required. I was not aware
of the git repository and will do so next time, so the myriads of git loggers will be
impressed :)


>> The description of what the apt target is doing I found too difficult
>> (I understood you'd prepare some kind of proxy or so) - maybe you can
>> come up with something even better.
> It is difficult to find a better wording, because IMHO the actual one is
> correct: it not only populates /etc/apt/sources.lists, but also sets
> other APT-related stuff (APT::Install-Recommends [2] and pkg-fso-keyring
> for SecureAPT [3]).
> We can reflect what is printed when starting/ending this stage,
> i.e. changing the description to "Configure APT", is it better?

Much better in my view. Many thanks.

>> The final bit seems to be syntactically problematic.
> [...]
>> @@ -800,7 +799,7 @@
>>  # Stage unmount
>>  #
>>  echo "Unmounting microSD card partitions"
>> -if ! [ "$SINGLE_PART" = "true" ]; then
>> +if [ "$SINGLE_PART" != "true" ]; then
>>         umount $INST_DIR/boot
>>  fi
>>  umount $INST_DIR
> I, as well, prefer your syntax over the existing one and it is also
> present at line 605: both corrected [4].  The rationale is that having a
> positive test is always preferable that testing for a non-positive one.

I got a syntax error in that region and thought that this was not correct, but it probably
is as I have now learned.  I'll try again for my next SD card.

Many greetings


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