[pkg-fso-maint] Any known-working configuration currently?

David Kalnischkies kalnischkies+debian at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 11:59:38 UTC 2010

2010/8/13 Sebastian Reichel <elektranox at gmail.com>:
> First of all I have no SIM auth on the SIM card in my Freerunner.

Same for me, so your pin mileage may/most likely vary…

> Now to your problem. I think your having problems with multiple
> daemons trying to access the modem. AFAIK zhone does not support
> fso-gsmd (there's a zhone2 in fso's git, though). SHR is the other
> way arround, it does only support fso-gsmd.

I didn't get zhone working with ogsmd recently as it spammed
frameworkd.log with the following messages and generated
an enormous amount of CPU usage on the way…
ogsmd.modem.abstract ERROR    could not open channel CALL, retrying in 2 seconds
ogsmd.modem.abstract ERROR    could not open channel MISC, retrying in 2 seconds
ogsmd.modem.abstract ERROR    could not open channel UNSOL, retrying
in 2 seconds

I therefore installed fso-gsmd from experimental, disabled ogsmd
and otimed (seems to have problems with new dbus api too)
and patched zhone a bit [0] so it seems to work with the new dbus api.
(I use a heavily self-patched zhone in general for the sake of learning a
bit of crappy python, so it is maybe more broken than "just"
register in network, callstatus and messagebook)

Best regards,

David Kalnischkies

[0] http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~donkult/%2Bjunk/buildeb/annotate/head%3A/zhone/debian/patches/bugfix-use-new-api-for-phone

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