[pkg-fso-maint] FSO2 packaging

Sebastian Reichel sre at debian.org
Sat Aug 20 19:50:44 UTC 2011

Hi Rico,

Today I uploaded vala-dbus-binding-tool, libfsoframework and
libfsotransport. I changed things similar as before. Here
are some comments again:

 * please check the different meaning of these
   versions: "x.y.z~foo" and "x.y.z+foo" (I was
   too lazy to retag everything, this will result
   in problems if fso releases x.y.z)
 * close debian bugs in the changelog if you
   fix them. I had to add at least one "Closes: #123"
   per package!
 * do not add build dependencies that are not needed
   (e.g. libgee in libfsosystem)
 * debian/copyright should list all copyrights!
   (Simon Busch was missing in libfsosystem)

and last but not least:

 * the long package description of libfsosystem is too

Please update libfsosystem's description (e.g. you can
add a list of its features). I will upload it afterwards.

-- Sebastian
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