[pkg-fso-maint] libfso-glib + fso-gsmd transition

Niels Thykier niels at thykier.net
Mon Oct 28 11:09:44 UTC 2013

Dear maintainers of libfso-glib and fso-gsmd,

I have noticed that libfso-glib and fso-gsmd have started a transition
and they seem to have been "left to rot" in unstable.  My issue here is
that they are keeping at least 4 RC bug fixes out of testing at the

The situation (as far as I can understand it) is that:

  libfso-glib dropped libfso-glib1 in favor of libfso-glib2
  fso-gsmd dropped fso-gsmd-ezx, fso-gsmd-gta04, fso-gsmd-htc
   and fso-gsmd-openmoko

According to dak, the binaries removed from fso-gsmd breaks:

fso-common: fso-gta01
fso-frameworkd: fso-frameworkd-gta01 [armel]
                fso-frameworkd-gta02 [armel]
fso-gsmd: fso-gsmd-dbg [armel armhf]

fso-common is not in testing and AFAICT broken already in sid, so
"breaking it again" shouldn't be a problem atm.  So that leaves
fso-gsmd-dbg, fso-frameworkd-gta01 and fso-frameworkd-gta02 as things
that need to be resolved.

The removal of libfso-glib1 only breaks the binaries being removed from
fso-gsmd, so as soon as the fso-gsmd situation is resolved, the
libfso-glib situation can be resolved as well.

So thats the situation.

I kindly ask you to resolve this situation within 14 days or I may end
up removing one or more of your packages from testing to reduce the
number of RC bugs in testing.
  Once the packages can be decrufted without any adverse affects to
other (non-broken packages), please let us know so we can have the FTP
masters decruft your packages.

DDs can test the potential adverse effects of decrufts by using dak on
coccia.debian.org, e.g:

  $ dak rm -Rnb fso-gsmd-ezx fso-gsmd-gta04 fso-gsmd-openmoko

Will tell you the consequences of decrufting fso-gsmd at the moment.


[1] #693577 (libfso-glib)
#707439, #722926 (libphone-ui-shr)
#707357 (fso-gsmd)

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