[pkg-fso-maint] libfso-glib + fso-gsmd transition

Sebastian Reichel sre at debian.org
Mon Oct 28 23:52:44 UTC 2013

Hi Niels,

On Mon, Oct 28, 2013 at 12:09:44PM +0100, Niels Thykier wrote:
> Dear maintainers of libfso-glib and fso-gsmd,
> I have noticed that libfso-glib and fso-gsmd have started a transition
> and they seem to have been "left to rot" in unstable.  My issue here is
> that they are keeping at least 4 RC bug fixes out of testing at the
> moment[1].
> The situation (as far as I can understand it) is that:
>   libfso-glib dropped libfso-glib1 in favor of libfso-glib2

Right. API/ABI has changed.

>   fso-gsmd dropped fso-gsmd-ezx, fso-gsmd-gta04, fso-gsmd-htc
>    and fso-gsmd-openmoko

This is not completly correct. fso-gsmd just dropped useless
architectures. These packages were arch any before, but are
specific to the arm devices.

> According to dak, the binaries removed from fso-gsmd breaks:
> """
> fso-common: fso-gta01
>             fso-gta02
> fso-frameworkd: fso-frameworkd-gta01 [armel]
>                 fso-frameworkd-gta02 [armel]
> fso-gsmd: fso-gsmd-dbg [armel armhf]
> """
> fso-common is not in testing and AFAICT broken already in sid, so
> "breaking it again" shouldn't be a problem atm.  So that leaves
> fso-gsmd-dbg, fso-frameworkd-gta01 and fso-frameworkd-gta02 as things
> that need to be resolved.
> The removal of libfso-glib1 only breaks the binaries being removed from
> fso-gsmd, so as soon as the fso-gsmd situation is resolved, the
> libfso-glib situation can be resolved as well.
> So thats the situation.
> I kindly ask you to resolve this situation within 14 days or I may end
> up removing one or more of your packages from testing to reduce the
> number of RC bugs in testing.
>   Once the packages can be decrufted without any adverse affects to
> other (non-broken packages), please let us know so we can have the FTP
> masters decruft your packages.
> DDs can test the potential adverse effects of decrufts by using dak on
> coccia.debian.org, e.g:
>   $ dak rm -Rnb fso-gsmd-ezx fso-gsmd-gta04 fso-gsmd-openmoko
> Will tell you the consequences of decrufting fso-gsmd at the moment.

I think the correct solution is to remove fso-gsmd-ezx, fso-gsmd-gta04
and fso-gsmd-openmoko only for the unsupported architectures. This
should solve the problem. Still supported architectures are:

fso-gsmd-ezx => armel
fso-gsmd-gta04 => armel, armhf
fso-gsmd-openmoko => armel

-- Sebastian
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