[Pkg-gpe-maintainers] libgpewidget update?

Moray Allan moray at sermisy.org
Wed Jun 18 15:32:05 UTC 2008

> Just uploaded gpe-todo 0.51-1 to ftp-master.
> Not sure what to do with libgpewidget - Policy 8.2 has been modified
> such that we should really have libgpewidget-tools or libgpewidget-data

-tools sounds odd unless the package has some user-runnable tool, that
sentence is about 'run-time support programs' rather than all support

> That means a NEW package and with the library freeze coming up by the
> end of this month, I'm undecided whether to upload 0.116 and only update
> the Standards Version after Lenny or leave 0.116 itself until after
> Lenny.
> The fixes in 0.116 are related to cairo support which we already work
> around in 0.115 (this workaround is removed in 0.116). 0.116-1 also
> includes numerous lintian fixes but those are minor. (Mainly to do with
> the clean target and removing generated changes from the .diff.gz.) If I
> leave Standards Version at 3.7.3, 0.116-1 is lintian clean now.

The d-d-a announcement of the updated policy explicitly said that these
policy updates weren't targets for lenny, so I expect the Release
Managers would be happier if any extra package waited.  From what you
say 0.116 could be as well to wait too, especially if the shlibs
file/resulting dependencies will need bumped.  (Though I see we're
almost completely in sync between testing and unstable already, so a
shlibs bump shouldn't be a big problem just now.)


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