[pkg-horde] Please adopt/hijack my package

Martin Lohmeier martin at mein-horde.de
Mon Jul 10 22:28:38 UTC 2006

Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:

> I forgot to add that while the branching/merging may be a very nice
> feature, I don't think it is critical for what we do as Horde package
> maintainers.  Maybe for upstream development, where you develop two
> trees in parallel, but not for simple package maintenance.

This is also what I thought. The feature of arch to keep track of merges
between branches is very nice but not that vital for us. How many
branches per package will we have? Trunk and one for each stable
release...and there will not be much commits to the stable branch. And
if we like to take advantage of this 'keep track of commits between
branches' we can use svk.

bye, Martin


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