[pkg-horde] Bug#389865: horde3: main panel fails to load when using weatherdotcom

Anthony Brock brocka at sterlingcgi.com
Sat Feb 10 09:50:54 CET 2007

> -----Original Message-----
> Try removing php-cache. If that doesn't work, please try to obtain a
> backtrace at time of the error.

This seems to have stopped the error! Thanks! Now we see the following in
the "Weather Forecast" section:

The weather.com block is not available.

What's the next stop to troubleshoot/resolve the issue? Also, how would I
acquire a "backtrace" at the time of error? Would this be found in the logs?

> You could weatherdotcom from the main page.

I apologize for such a slow response. However, I found your message
confusing at first. Unfortunately, I'm still not certain what you mean by
this last line. How do I "weatherdotcom from the main page"? Am I supposed
to click something, or type something in for a URL?

Thanks again! It's great that my customers can view the main webpage again.


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