[pkg-horde] Bug#389865: horde3: main panel fails to load when using weatherdotcom

Lionel Elie Mamane lionel at mamane.lu
Sat Feb 10 11:57:20 CET 2007

tags 389865 +unreproducible

(Please keep 389865 at bugs.debian.org in the CC:)

Further investigation suggests this is different from bug #342161, as
the fix for it is still in (I was afraid it had been removed or
something like that).

On Sat, Feb 10, 2007 at 12:50:54AM -0800, Anthony Brock wrote:

>> Try removing php-cache. If that doesn't work, please try to obtain a
>> backtrace at time of the error.

> This seems to have stopped the error!

(It was a stopgap measure to stop the main page from not
loading. You'll need to reinstall it to get weather.com working.)

> Thanks! Now we see the following in the "Weather Forecast" section:

> The weather.com block is not available.

> What's the next stop to troubleshoot/resolve the issue?

The weather.com block works for me (with php-cache installed). I think
something is wrong in your php-cache configuration. Maybe the
temporary files directory it is trying to use does not exist or is not
writable by the user running Apache or PHP?

> Also, how would I acquire a "backtrace" at the time of error? Would
> this be found in the logs?

Add "var_dump(debug_backtrace());" at the line in the file that the
error message refers to. E.g. if it says "file FOO line 452", then put
"var_dump(debug_backtrace());" (without the quotes) as line 452,
pushing the existing line 452 to 453.

>> You could weatherdotcom from the main page.

> I apologize for such a slow response. However, I found your message
> confusing at first. Unfortunately, I'm still not certain what you
> mean by this last line.

I probably meant "You could remove weatherdotcom from the main page",
but forgot to type the "remove". To get your users a working system
(without weather forecast) until you figure it out.


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