[Pkg-ime-devel] Status of scim 1.2.x packages

AWASHIRO Ikuya ikuya@oooug.jp
Tue, 05 Jul 2005 23:10:17 +0900


Ming Hua wrote:
> I received your mail on June 15th, I was just swarmed by school things.
> Apology for the unresponsiveness, and thank you for resending it.
I just forgot to send this ML.
I am very sorry.

> Did you mean in the scim setup program, left-hand part, Panel section?
> I have only Panel -> GTK there, is there supposed to be something else?
> I'll test your patch, thanks.
Please see it.
It shows FrontEnd Panel.

> I would like to push them to unstable as well.  The scim package is
> almost ready to be uploaded now, and I just need to merge the 1.0.2-3
> documentation changes.  The problem is that new C++ library uploads are
> frozen by FTP team right now in preparation of the GCC 3.3 to 4.0 C++
> API transition.  I am not sure if experimental upload can be an
> exception.  I'll consult Osamu's opinion and ask around before the
> upload.  But don't worry, I'll try to push 1.2 into unstable ASAP.
OK. I see.

> Just for the record, a bug exists in scim-input-pad 0.1.0 that
> translated menu text doesn't show up in the trayicon right-click menu.
> This is fixed in upstream CVS.  I'll see if upstream is willing to do a
> 0.1.1 release.
OK. I am looking forward.

Thanks for your effort.

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