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Simon Richter sjr at debian.org
Wed Sep 24 19:54:56 UTC 2008


>    I have developed an IME for the Burmese language
> based on the SCIM IMEngine interface. I've already
> posted regarding this to the debian mentors list, but
> Paul Wise recommended that I forward this kind of
> email to the pkg-ime-dev list. 

Indeed, IME packaging is discussed on this list. It might be a good idea to
subscribe, the list is fairly low-volume.

>    Below is the email I sent to the mentors list. I'd
> appreciate any advice you might have.

Basically, what they said. :-) It doesn't matter whether you use
mentors.debian.net for hosting, but there is no real reason against it

For sponsoring, we need the source package, consisting of .orig.tar.gz,
.diff.gz and .dsc files (i.e. with a clean separation of the normal
distribution package and the Debian packaging, so it is possible to make
changes to the Debian packaging without touching the package for everyone

The .deb package is usually not required, since we rebuild it anyway (and I
can't run i386 binaries anyway).

Other than that, the usual rules apply: the package should pass lintian
tests and just generally work, and since there are no Burmese speakers on
this list that I know of it would be good to have an example of how to
verify correct function (what to type and what to expect).

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