[Pkg-ime-devel] Fwd: RFS: scim-waitzar

S'orlok Reaves sorlok_reaves at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 24 07:39:34 UTC 2008

Good afternoon, everyone:
   I have developed an IME for the Burmese language
based on the SCIM IMEngine interface. I've already
posted regarding this to the debian mentors list, but
Paul Wise recommended that I forward this kind of
email to the pkg-ime-dev list. 

   Below is the email I sent to the mentors list. I'd
appreciate any advice you might have.


--- S'orlok Reaves <sorlok_reaves at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2008 22:49:06 -0700 (PDT)
> From: S'orlok Reaves <sorlok_reaves at yahoo.com>
> Subject: RFS: scim-waitzar
> To: debian-mentors at lists.debian.org
> Good afternoon everyone,
>    I am writing this email to request a sponsor for
> the brand new package, "scim-waitzar".
>    The scim-waitzar project provides an IMEngine for
> SCIM that supports the Burmese language. In
> particular, it allows Burmese text to be typed
> through
> the use of a romanisation, similar to how
> scim-pinyin
> works for Chinese. 
>    Currently, Burmese text must be typed using
> keyboard layouts (letter-at-a-time) on Linux. As far
> as I know, scim-waitzar is the only romanised IME
> available for Linux. A significant number of users
> prefer romanisation over keyboard layouts; there are
> a
> number of Windows utilities and Firefox addons that
> support romanised Burmese input, but so far nothing
> for SCIM. Seeing as SCIM is widely supported on
> Debian
> (among other systems), I see the scim-waitzar
> package
> as a key enabling technology for Burmese Linux
> users. 
>    The package is currently in the alpha stage; it
> works fine, but we are having a number of Myanmar
> users test it before we formally submit the package
> to
> debian. I am the project manager of the scim-waitzar
> source tree, and I'm the package maintainer as well.
> I
> figured that now would be a good time to ping the
> list
> and get a sponsor, since I am quite new to
> packaging.
> The alpha package can be downloaded from:
> ...and the User's Guide provides a good overview of
> functionality & usage:
>    Please note that the alpha package ships with a
> legacy romanisation, and should NOT be considered
> camera-ready. My goal with this email is to get in
> contact with a sponsor for scim-waitzar and maintain
> a
> correspondence with him or her until the 1.0
> release,
> in a few months.
>    Please let me know if you need any more
> information. I'm happy to leap through almost any
> necessary hoops, and I'd really appreciate any
> mentoring and advice you might have.
> Cheers,
> Seth N. Hetu


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