bug 266981

Rafael Laboissiere Rafael Laboissiere <rafael@debian.org>
Tue, 3 May 2005 08:42:44 +0200

* Jörg Sommer <joerg@alea.gnuu.de> [2005-05-02 23:12]:

> Rafael Laboissiere schrieb am Sun 01. May, 18:41 (+0200) :
> > I think that these files existed at some point in testing.  People who
> > installed the version of the jed-common package that contained them have the
> > files left in the system after the upgrade.
> But we can't remove the files, because a user may have made changes in it
> and we would remove its private config.

Yes, this is a potential source of problems.

> How deal other packages with such problems. I think the special here is
> /etc

I do not know what the other packages do, but here is a proposal for
jed-common.  The init files that I have in my system (and I believe these
correspond to the last version seen in testing), have:

$ md5sum /etc/jed-init.d/00site.sl /etc/jed-init.d/99default.sl
2e00fef46fcee03fe504cea3b58510b6  /etc/jed-init.d/00site.sl
1514586554dfe5aefcee84aa967fb01b  /etc/jed-init.d/99default.sl

We could check in preinst (or postinst) if the files have the md5sum
values above.  If yes, this means that the user did not change them and
they can be removed.

What do you think?