jed-script, getmail

Jörg Sommer
Thu, 5 May 2005 21:05:11 +0200

Paul Boekholt schrieb am Wed 04. May, 11:44 (+0200) :
> Joerg, can you set the content-type of your multipart messages to text/plain?
> Digesting loses the message's content-type header, so your mail becomes rather
> hard to read.

The first part is already text/plain. The second part is my PGP
signature. How do you read digests? Is this the reason your messages
missing a References header?

> In the "Debian Policy Manual - Customized programs" it says:
>  All Debian MUAs, MTAs, MDAs and other mailbox accessing programs (such
>  as IMAP daemons) must lock the mailbox in an NFS-safe way. This means that
>  fcntl() locking must be combined with dot locking. To avoid deadlocks, a
>  program should use fcntl() first and dot locking after this, or alternatively
>  implement the two locking methods in a non blocking way[47]. Using the
>  functions maillock and mailunlock provided by the liblockfile*[48] packages
>  is the recommended way to realize this.

I think we should remove rmail or move it to doc/contrib. Currently doesn't work, because getmail is missing and nobody cares about
it. Or is someone interested in making it work?

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