jed-extra more user friendly

Paul Boekholt
Sun, 08 May 2005 10:28:15 +0200

On Sat, 7 May 2005 17:59:49 +0200, Jörg Sommer <> said:

> Ahh. My color scheme misses this colors. And I note flyspell breakes
> coloring.

Flyspell turns off DFA highlighting.  It's possible to work out a special
email-flyspell-dfa highlighting scheme, but that would get complicated since
it would involve synchronous changes to and, and also
it would lose the language-specific wordchars settings.

> mailedit has no dfa highlighting. Why must exist this two modes which
> are nearly the same. mailedit is derived from email and muttmail and
> misses some features of email. That's crazy.

Well, has some pretty far out features.  I'll have to look at how it
should relate to, but that can wait until the official release of
JED 0.99-17.  BTW is also in jed-extra?  I'd say the new dabbrev in
JED and Günter's dabbrev are pretty equivalent.