bug 219448

Paul Boekholt p.boekholt@hetnet.nl
Sat, 21 May 2005 10:29:16 +0200

On Fri, 20 May 2005 10:17:11 +0200, "G. Milde" <g.milde@web.de> said:
> So lisp/startup.el seems to be the emacs equivalent to /etc/jed.conf?

No, I think startup.el is the equivalent of site.sl and either
site-start.el of default.el is the equivalent of jed.conf.

Site-start.el is 0 lines (not counting comments) and resides in /etc/emacs.

Startup.el is 1665 lines and every Emacs has its own startup.el in
I suppose that startup.el is simply installed and removed with the rest of
However, emacs also looks for

I don't have a default.el.

There are many other initialization files, see 
info:(emacs-lisp-intro)Site-wide Init.

> I did not find a mention of either --no-site-file or site-run-file in
> my emacs 20 documentation. Is there actually a command line argument
> with this name in emacs21?
Yes, and it has the effect of not loading site-start.el.

> As our configuration file is called jed.conf (and not running site.sl
> is a rather bad idea), I would like to call the corresponding jed
> argument --no-conf-file.
I guess so.