Fail to install current jed-extra

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Thu Nov 10 17:26:33 UTC 2005

* G. Milde <g.milde at> [2005-11-10 15:35]:

> > -LIBDIR=/usr/lib/jed-extra
> > +LIBDIR=/usr/share/jed/site-lib
> no, we need
>  +LIBDIR=/usr/share/jed/jed-extra

Does not work here.  I get:

$ debi
Unpacking jed-extra (from jed-extra_2.0-1_all.deb) ...
Setting up jed-extra (2.0-1) ...
/usr/share/jed/jed-extra/ not found.

> Where do you take the upstream source from?

I realize I was using an old tarball.  With the last jedmodes-cvs.tgz,
installation works.

> Generally, jed-extra is still far from ready to release... I am working
> on it

I know, but the more people testing it, the better.


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