Fail to install current jed-extra

G. Milde g.milde at
Fri Nov 18 09:07:11 UTC 2005

On 17.11.05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> * Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at> [2005-11-17 18:37]:
> > The variable dir should have the value "/usr/share/jed/jed-extra" and
> > not the current working directory as when I run debi.  As I wrote
> > above, I am lost.
> Not so lost now: I found the following in
> % run update_ini, if called as a batch process
> if (BATCH)
>   update_ini();
> If update_ini is called without arguments as above, then it will set the
> dir variable to the current directory via buffer_dirname(), doesn't it?
> This may explain where the problem comes from.

You are right. This was intended for use with jed --script but never
actively used (or tested). 
As in the new jed-common package we skip the Debian initialization 
if BATCH is TRUE, it will not work as intended. So I decided to drop this
clause - the new non-released jedmodes.tgz contains the fix.



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