Fail to install current jed-extra

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Fri Nov 18 11:49:34 UTC 2005

* G. Milde <g.milde at> [2005-11-18 10:07]:

> You are right. This was intended for use with jed --script but never
> actively used (or tested). 
> As in the new jed-common package we skip the Debian initialization 
> if BATCH is TRUE, it will not work as intended. So I decided to drop this
> clause - the new non-released jedmodes.tgz contains the fix.

Great, it works now here:

$ debi
Selecting previously deselected package jed-extra.
(Reading database ... 79234 files and directories currently installed.)
Unpacking jed-extra (from jed-extra_2.0-1_all.deb) ...
Setting up jed-extra (2.0-1) ...
***Warning: feature make_ini not found in make_ini
byte compiling files
update_ini completed

I guess that the warning message is harmless.  At any rate, thanks for
your effort!

Now that I can build and install the package I will start checking its
compliance against the Debian standards.


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